Contributing articles to BTT


Biometric Technology Today (BTT) welcomes articles from people within the biometrics world.


We like to run issue-led pieces: but the topics can be quite wide-ranging. We cover the technical, business, market, implementation, social and political aspects of biometrics.We don't run straight opinion pieces or case studies -- we like the articles to be issue-driven and supported by facts & figures (eg, reports, papers, surveys or studies). However, there's always room to include case studies as examples, and to present a particular perspective on the issue.


There is no payment for articles, but we do give full attribution, including a short biography and profile of your organisation (with URL). So it's a good way of raising your profile.


If you would like to submit an idea for an article, here's the best way to proceed:


• Read the BTT Writer's Guide, which will help you understand how we approach our subjects. Please also note the section on what we like to have supplied with the article – such as author photo, author bio, illustrations etc. 

Email a brief set of bullet points outlining the subject you'd like to cover, what angle you would take, and what material (eg, reports, case studies, etc) you would include. 


Please don't start writing until we've had a chance to discuss your idea! Once we've agreed on a subject, we can then agree a submission date. We generally ask for 2,000 words. We can sometimes accommodate shorter articles and can always use longer one